Simple Leadership

Today I watched a mom bring her son home.  Not in a car, or train but in a casket. Her son was a soldier who served so that we are free. It is as simple as that.  Her son died for me and you and everyone else.  That is not up for debate!

His leadership while it wasn’t something that any of us could know unless we knew him personally was still there.  He chose to lead in a way that made an impact for so many others and this is simply the truest meaning of being a leader. I would guess if you asked him if he was a leader he may have said yes or no depending on his rank.  However, others will tell you he was, simply because of what he did.

Leadership doesn’t have to be flashy or big, it is simply being.  I used to think that to be a good leader I had to have a million people follow me or do what I say.  This doesn’t make a good leader.  Certainly there are people who lead large organizations who are good leaders, but so are the people who lead no-one.

When you think about leadership you probably figure you have to have people who follow up in a specific capacity but that is not true.  Simply by being available, answering questions and offering to help can make you a good leader.  Think about what you are good at… for example I am a great party planner, but I am not good with people crying.  Having me lead a prayer ministry would not be a good use of my gifts.  Asking me to help plan an event, there I am good!

Using our gifts as God intended makes us a good leader.
What gifts do you have to use for leadership?

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