It’s the little things…

We don’t know the outcome of things that we do or say.  2 years ago we went to see Beauty and the Beast at a small theater in downtown Naperville.  What was funny was that we had to change our show because Nicole was sick and we couldn’t make the original show.  Tony called the theater and explained the issue and they swapped our seats out. We didn’t know this theater company but we were impressed with their flexibility and understanding

The next week we saw an amazing performance, prior to the show the producer and director came out and explained a little about their program and about their kids program.  I asked Nicole if she wanted to try the kids program – always up for something she said yes!

2 VERY short years later, we’ve done several camps, participated in 2 shows – with 1 coming up and another audition in December.

We had no idea when we went to Beauty and the Beast that we would not only fall in love with a theater company, but we’d bring along several friends!

You see as leaders we don’t always know what effect our words or actions will have.  The bible tells us we don’t always see the seeds we plant grow.  We also don’t always see the thorns that we plant either!

Our words and actions are powerful.  What we do and say can have a long lasting impact on others.  We must always be aware of that!  Because we are the influencers of this world and WE can have the most impact.  This is true for everyone!  Today be an influencer of good!  Say HI to the person at the store, chat with someone about how life is going, brag about a service or organization that you truly love!  It’s not hard, and you never know what impact you might have.

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