Your Single Job

You single most important job as a leader is to motivate.  Everyone is going to have crappy, horrible, brow beaten days.  Where you want to give up, walk away and never come back.  As a leader it is YOUR job to help your team get past this, it is YOUR job to motivate them, to show your team value.

This motivation is going to come in different forms but it will NEVER be negative, it will NEVER be disparaging. It may come from buying lunch, offering encouragement, even sending a funny animal video.  There will be days where your team wants to give up, heck there will be days where YOU want to give up.  You will wonder why you are here, how did you get to this point, and how do you get out!

This is the point where your team needs you the most, listen to them, ask questions and then do what they need!  And this may not be what you think!  However if you listen close enough you will hear what they need!  This is what being a leader means!

On the day when you as the leader want to quit the most, when you feel at your lowest possible point, THIS is where your team needs you the most.  This is when they are going to look to you to see how you react!  How you lead in this single moment will show so much of you as a leader! HOWEVER 1 moment will not define you, if you screw it up,  heck WHEN you screw it up, apologize and pick back up!

Be a leader!! Lead your team!

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