Trust the process

I am the last person who can really handle that phrase! Trust the process?  Screw that I am trusting myself!  However in my many years on this planet I have learned to do exactly that, trust the process!  For me as a Christ follower this often means trusting in God and that HE has the plan.

As leaders, we often want to skip steps to get to the end, we forget that trusting the process is probably what got us there in the first place! I had my first ‘official’ riding lesson with Duke yesterday.  He did great, me, not so much!  Learning to ride is alot like learning to read braille after you lost your sight or picking up a new language.  The process is slow and methodical and sometimes boring.

Yesterday I walked, then I stopped, literally every 5 steps she had me walk and then stop! Why well because if I can’t stop this amazing 700lb animal (he’s little for a horse) then I am in big trouble! Oh and he’s afraid of everything!  Our trainer says he’s reactive!  Yea to the planet! (but that’s another story)

So after walking and then stopping, and walking and then stopping and then walking and then stopping ( you get the idea) she had me trot.  This is like a slow job on a horse, and then what did I have to do, well stop.  And guess what he did stop!  Why because we learned to walk first and then stop!

You see as leaders we want to skip steps to get to the end, but we can’t we have to trust the process.  We have to learn to walk and then stop!  We can’t rush things because when we do we get hurt or our careers get stalled or our team fails!  When I rush the process in riding, I get hurt (very very very hurt lol)

If you are struggling find someone you trust to talk it through with!  Sometimes having a fresh perspective can help, however you have to find someone who will tell you the truth not what you want to hear.  In this case your best friend or spouse is probably NOT the best option.  They are going to tell you what you want to hear, and that’s OK! But you need someone who is going to be honest and tell you, you need more time before you ride the bigger 1200lb horse!

Today your challenge is to trust the process.  Trust that things are going in the right direction and if you aren’t sure find someone to talk it over with!  There might be things you can be doing or (here’s a novel thought) you might have to be patient! (Of which I am not!) Good luck! And remember walk, then stop, walk then stop, walk then stop!

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