The Easy Button

Don’t you just wish that everything is solved in 60 minutes? I am sitting here binge watching Netflix and everything is solved in 60 minutes. Got a murder, Solved; missing child? Found! Strange disease, found out AND cured!

Unfortunetly life doesn’t work this way, it often takes alot more time than 60 minutes to solve our issues.  In leadership this couldn’t be any more true!  We want our issues to go away at the end of the day, be solved like on TV. But I am pretty sure this doesn’t happen!

I can however give you 1 tip that might actually help you solve some leadership lessons! Here it is!  LISTEN. No seriously listen, don’t listen to solve listen to hear.  Listen to your team mate, boss or team member.  Hear what they are saying, and then ask questions and then guess what LISTEN again!  AND if you can’t listen in that moment be honest.  Tell them, you are worried about something or have something on your mind and you can’t give them the attention needed. THEN schedule something right then!  It can be for later in the day, or the next but put it on the calendar and then be prepared when the meeting occurs.

Listen to what is being said, ask yourself how is the person feeling, what are they telling me. Don’t try to solve the problem just listen!! When they are done ask how you can help, don’t offer advice just ask how you can help. Be honest about what you can and can’t do.  Do they want a raise? Can you do that? Do you have to talk to someone else?  BE HONEST!

When the meeting is over recap and lay out concrete next steps.  The steps don’t have to be a resolution but they will show that you are listening.

This upcoming week, listen really listen to what your team is saying!  Then ask how you can help them!! Ask what they need to be successful and then try to accomplish what you can!  It doesn’t have to be a big thing but you’ll be surprised by the outcome simply by offering to listen

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