Catch the Right!

Recently I made a mistake in my job and was provided feedback on better ways I could of handled the situation.  Receiving this type of feedback is never easy, and giving it isn’t easy either!

In my daily devotion I am currently doing about being a Creative Leader the author provided this feedback.  “what if we said “if there was something I knew that could make you better would you like to know it?””

This made me pause, if they had said this would I have listened better?  I can’t say for sure but I know that when I have given feedback in the past it is always better received when I come at it from the perspective of how can we improve instead of you messed up!

The devotion also talks about receiving negative feedback, that we can always learn from others!  Always! As leaders we often have to provide feedback that isn’t positive, however we need to make sure that we are providing both!  It becomes easy to just correct the wrong, but we don’t catch the right!

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