What are you Grateful For?


A huge thank you to Ray Green, pastor and mentor for posting this picture on Facebook today and yes I totally stole it! However as leaders I really think it’s important to know what our teams are grateful for!!  Knowing what makes our team members excited is so important! Knowing that they get excited about playing in a band, hanging with their kids or playing soccer will help us get to know them AND show interest in who they are!

I got a text this weekend from a team member asking how his favorite horse girl was.  We both joined the team at the same time and have gotten to be great friends.  What his text meant was that he cared about me as a person. He listened to what I am passionate about and then asked about it!

As leaders we want to focus on the day to day and forget to listen to our team!!  This week take time to listen to your team!  Find out what they are grateful for and see if you can’t find something to ask about at your next meeting!




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