Words so many Words…

My son recently joined the army (like Monday recent)! I am learning that there is a whole new world out there of what I can say and what I can’t.  This made me think about what we should say or not say?

As leaders I am sure we all try to censor what we say… we try to think about our audience and make sure what we are saying is appropriate, but what happens when we cross a line? Do we admit it and say we said something wrong or do we pretend it didn’t happen?

I think this really depends on what you said! Bad mouthing another employee or department should never happen and when it does you need to own it and apologize!  But I think it goes farther than that!  Knowing your audience is really important and knowing what they will think is funny is something you have to keep in mind!

I am definitely a speak and then think person! And my mouth has gotten me in so much trouble! I am working on this!  I have been known to speak the truth about someone that while the words were true, the person they were said to probably shouldn’t of heard them!

What are ways you need to watch your mouth?  This week, think about your words before you say or type them and think about the following:
Is it helpful, Encouraging, and is this the right person I should be saying this to?

Happy Leading my friends

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