Asking for Help

I have recently reconnected with a friend.  We met while my daughter was taking riding lessons.  She was one of the instructors and really supported us when we made the move to purchase our own horse.  I always felt that she was worried about her job for supporting us.

Recently I had another conversation with her and it came to light that she had some great ideas but wasn’t allowed to implement them. I know small business owners feel free connected to their business.  This is often because they are the ones who built their business through sweat and tears.  They know the failures they’ve experienced and they see what works and what doesn’t but this often makes them blind to what others may offer.

As leaders we often feel so tied to our ideas that we forget others are just as passionate about our business as we are!  We need to stop and listen to what they offering and suggesting. This doesn’t always mean that they are right or what they are suggesting is right for our business but sometimes they may have a good idea that would allow us to expand our business in a positive manner.

Taking a breath and listening and thinking about the suggestion maybe the best thing we’ve ever done plus it makes our team feel connected to the bigger picture.

So the next time someone on your team has an idea listen!  It may not be the one that you implement but it will encourage more ideas!

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