Being a Go Getter!

I will admit it I like taking those quizzes that tell you if you are an influencer or empath or whatever!  I took one today that showed what type of influencer you are and it said I am a ‘Go Getter’ in other words I get s*** done!  However I tend to overlook the why, I am so focused on fixing the problem that I forget people want to know the issue first.

And wow was this true!!  I mean I seriously just heard this from my boss last week!  I made a mistake and felt really bad about it, his issue was not that I had made an error but that I didn’t apologize and let him know the mistake had been made.  I was so busy fixing it that I failed to acknowledge it had happened!

So as leaders, we have to sometimes take a step back and stop trying to solve the problem but identify and then maybe have our team solve it.

Interesting for those of us who are fixers and don’t want to deal with the why lol!!

What ways have you been a fixer and what can you do to solve it??

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