Words so many Words…

My son recently joined the army (like Monday recent)! I am learning that there is a whole new world out there of what I can say and what I can’t.  This made me think about what we should say or not say?

As leaders I am sure we all try to censor what we say… we try to think about our audience and make sure what we are saying is appropriate, but what happens when we cross a line? Do we admit it and say we said something wrong or do we pretend it didn’t happen?

I think this really depends on what you said! Bad mouthing another employee or department should never happen and when it does you need to own it and apologize!  But I think it goes farther than that!  Knowing your audience is really important and knowing what they will think is funny is something you have to keep in mind!

I am definitely a speak and then think person! And my mouth has gotten me in so much trouble! I am working on this!  I have been known to speak the truth about someone that while the words were true, the person they were said to probably shouldn’t of heard them!

What are ways you need to watch your mouth?  This week, think about your words before you say or type them and think about the following:
Is it helpful, Encouraging, and is this the right person I should be saying this to?

Happy Leading my friends

Words are Powerful

I recently had a conversation with my daughter, we were talking about some recent family revelations I’ve had and how those things can change how we see our lives.  She shared that she used to be very confused when I called my mom by her first name.  She couldn’t understand why I didn’t call her mom.

So many times in our world we fail to understand that people are listening to us even when we say the smallest things.  Like, when I call my mom by her first name.  (I do this because technically she’s my aunt but that’s a whole other blog post!!)

As leaders we often say things that don’t really think about or maybe we do but we just feel like it’s not that big of a deal, but guess what it is!  People are listening to you!  whether they know it or not they are taking all of what you say and processing it to determine what type of leader you are.

When we say something negative about a co-worker or speak badly about another department we are setting a tone for our teams and they will act in the same way.  We shouldn’t be surprised when they then do or same thing!

This week as you communicate ask someone you trust to make note if you say something that they feel maybe shouldn’t of been said.  Listen to their feedback, you don’t have to take action on it, but simply listen to what they are saying. You might be very surprised by what you learn!

Your words are powerful, they will have an impact!  You get to decide what that impact is!

Stop IT!

This is going to be a bit different than my normal blogs, but it still has a leadership message. This is geared toward my lady followers!  Men don’t seem to have as much an issue with this!  Ladies, still with me? Ok good!

So I am going to show my age, but who remembers the Bob Newhart show? Ok how about the episode where he tells the women to Stop it or he’ll bury her alive in a box? Seriously go check it out, I’ll wait! Here’s a link

Bob Newhart As Brief Therapist: “Stop It!”

OK  are you back?  Good, here is are my 5 words that will make you an amazing leader


Seriously, it’s that freakin simple! You see I spoke with a young woman today who is a leader in her field.  She’s 24, and yes, she’s made mistakes, but she’s got her own business and she’s freakin kickin (you know what)

She told me today that she was going to a place where the women would tear her down because something very simple.  In an effort to protect her I am not going to share the details, but seriously, they are going to tear her down because WHAT?

Ladies, as women in leadership it is our job to raise up other women leaders. We need to invest in each other, we need to build each other up!  We need to NOT tear each other down.  This young woman is an amazing leader who is investing in other young women!  And yet here we are making her feel small so we feel big?! WHAT???

Seriously if you have to make someone feel small so you feel big, what is that?  You are not a leader, if you feel that you have to make others feel small.  This isn’t leadership! Leadership is building each other up, helping each other navigate life.

I am not saying that we should be fake, I am saying that we should support.  Speak truth in love when needed and support. But when we get petty ladies it makes us all look bad!

This week! Your job is to find a female leader and TELL her how much admire her and why!  Build her up, tell her she makes a difference and then when someone around you tears another woman down, stand up for her!  We can make a difference.

What are you Grateful For?


A huge thank you to Ray Green, pastor and mentor for posting this picture on Facebook today and yes I totally stole it! However as leaders I really think it’s important to know what our teams are grateful for!!  Knowing what makes our team members excited is so important! Knowing that they get excited about playing in a band, hanging with their kids or playing soccer will help us get to know them AND show interest in who they are!

I got a text this weekend from a team member asking how his favorite horse girl was.  We both joined the team at the same time and have gotten to be great friends.  What his text meant was that he cared about me as a person. He listened to what I am passionate about and then asked about it!

As leaders we want to focus on the day to day and forget to listen to our team!!  This week take time to listen to your team!  Find out what they are grateful for and see if you can’t find something to ask about at your next meeting!




Leaders as Learners

Yesterday while working with my horse I realized the things she has taught me.  Like how to be less afraid and how to just NOT give up!  I was talking with my trainer about another lady she works with and how learning at any age can’t stop. I mentioned that at 48 I figured I was a bit older than her other student but that at our age we can’t stop learning.

She shared that her other student is 57!  I share this because she started riding 2 years ago and has been working at it every day.  As we grow older we tend to think that there isn’t anything new for us to learn.  We focus on ourselves, our spouses, children or grandchildren.  However, there is still so much for us to learn and those experiences are going to come in alot of shapes and sizes.

Learning doesn’t have to be structured and it doesn’t have to be specifically about being a leader.  Take a class, join a club, learn to paint, work with wood or weld! (Yes welding is one of my secret dreams)

You see when we seek out learning opportunity’s we grow in every other area of our lives.  We learn to be learners!!  We also learn to take risks and to seek new ways to experience life!

This week seek out ways that you can grow and learn! You won’t be disappointed!

Do what you Love

Most of us are not so lucky that we go to a job every day that we love! I would guess that even those who do their favorite job have days where it really just kind of SUCKS!  You know the days where life is getting in the way, you have a difficult client or you simply made a mistake that you have to recover from.

We all have days like this, in fact if we didn’t we’d be dead or retired (Not sure which sometimes) however the goal should be to find the stuff in your day that you Love to do!

Yesterday was just busy, I did 5 productions and each one takes about 2 hours to complete (each).  This is combined with all the normal stuff and well my day was crazy.  At 5 I was ready to either be done or cry, and I still had to get ready to go to my riding lesson. I thought about just canceling, I mean really who cares if I learn to ride (well I do but that’s another story).

I finally stood up and figured I’d go, but it was in that moment that God reminded me that I choose to Ride because it brings me JOY! Is it easy, nope, are there days I am sure I am going to die YUP! But I get to saddle up, and get on a horse. I get to focus on doing something better, and I get to enjoy being with animals who simply love life.

Yesterday I was reminded that we all need to find the joy in our lives.  And trust me some days it is way harder than others, but seek it out!  Each of us is different in the way we find joy!  But its important as leaders that we model this for our teams.  Ask your teams what do they do that they love! Could be sailing or rock climbing or running or whatever it is!  The one thing that recharges them and then encourage them to do that thing!

You see in my industry, we have people who work 24/7 I mean literally 24/7 and it becomes easy to get caught up in that constant push to get stuff done.  You don’t ever walk away you don’t ever take a breath. This isn’t good!  Don’t do this!  Lean on your team and if you don’t have one build one!  Your overall health depends on you finding your joy!!

So share what’s your joy? What’s the one thing that you could do forever?

Is this the hill you want to die on?

I am one of those people who just wants to be right!  (Ask my family they will confirm this!) However as a leader it becomes a bit of a dicey thing if you push to be right no matter what.  Recently I got into a disagreement with a co-worker about something so trivial.  However, I ‘knew’ I was right!  OK So I was right and she was wrong, BUT what I did by pushing my ‘rightness’ may have harmed a relationship that needs to be cared for.

You see my being right or my being wrong really didn’t matter in the long run. It simply was something that I wanted to win in the moment, however doing so could of caused me to harm the relationship I have with that person. As leaders we have to ask ourselves if this is the hill we want to die on.

You see by asking ourselves how much does this really matter (is this the hill I want to die on) we can really determine if this is something that is really important. Sometimes the answer might be yes, and guess what THAT IS OK! However asking yourself that question gives you a pause to really see if this is a battle you want to win.

I struggle with conflict, so for me I really have to ask the question and then ask again.  For me, sometimes it should be a hill I want to die on but I am too afraid of the conflict.  In this situation it was something really dumb, and I just wanted to be right, well to be right! (not the hill I was willing to go on)

In your next conflict ask yourself if this is the hill you want to die on!

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