Be a Beginner!

beginner tuskey dressage

(Photo cred to Tuskey Dressage)

Why is it we always want to jump to the end of everything!  We don’t allow ourselves OR our teams to learn.  This is something that has been causing quite a bit of conversation in our family lately.  We are meeting with alot of young people who are struggling because they don’t know what they want to be an so many companies are requiring them to be an expert before they start!

Most of us who are in our 40’s and older started at companies and were taught the skills we needed to do the jobs.  We didn’t ‘know’ everything when we started, fewer and fewer organizations are allowing people to grow into jobs.  This can be both good and bad as it often means that you are missing out on someone who might be really good at the job if you gave them a few months to learn!

As leaders we often follow this mentality as well with our teams, we expect people to be instantly good leaders and forget that we didn’t start off knowing what we know.  We had to learn and grow into our positions!

What IF (stay with me here), what if we found someone who seemed to have some skills and we invested in them?  Taught them how to be a good leader, how to lead a team, how to handle conflicts?  Taught them the skills they needed to be good leaders and then allowed them to expand their leadership skills in small but impact-full ways? Mentoring another member of the team or leading a small project?  Not only could we guide but they would have the chance to learn!

Today your exercise is to find someone on your team who you think might make a good leader.  Setup a meeting with them and then help them find small ways they can lead within your organization.  Allow them to fail, allow them to succeed and guide them along the way!  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!


Welcome to Wednesday!  Not sure where all of you live, however here in the Chicagoland area it’s going to be in the 80’s today.  It’s OCTOBER! OK I do remember that I live in a place where the weather can never remember where it lives!!

So let’s talk about letters, A, D, G, Z (ok not those specific letters) How about I C N U.  Go ahead read those again and think about how they sound!

When I was younger I took a job as a secretary and a great HR professional took me under her wing.  She saw in me something that I could not see in myself.  ICNU is an acronym I learned many years ago.  It essentially says that you see in someone else something that they don’t see in themselves.

When you look around you there are people who you have influence over. It could be a teen, young adult, co-worker, friend, etc.  What do you see in that person that they don’t see in themselves?  How can you help them see that for themselves.

Sometimes we just don’t see the value in ourselves that others may see! Yesterday I met a lady to pick up some Beyer horses for my daughter.  She was meeting an animal transport to drop animals off at local shelters.  These animals are from downstate shelters that are overflowing and need to be delivered to other shelters.  What is interesting is that these are the animals that someone else saw potential in.  That is why they are being brought up here.  They are simply being given a chance!

Who in your world needs a chance, who needs to have someone tell them they see something in them!  Now imagine this, your CEO, CFO, COO CTO (you get the idea) needs this as well.  People need to know that they have the potential for great things! But you can’t just say, you are great, you have to be specific.  Saying to someone I see potential in you to be really good with computers, animals, kids, whatever it is!!

Today find someone to invest in and tell them that you think they are great in a specific area and then go a step further and encourage them to look into serving in that area.

Final thing! Find someone to invest in yourself!  Figure out what you want to do and then be relentless in finding someone who can invest in you! And I don’t want to hear how old you are!!!