Being Open

Everyone hears about a company’s open door policy, it’s the one that says “you can talk to us about anything”. We all know that’s not true, I mean really as leaders do we really want to hear what someone thinks is wrong with our company?  Of course not!  So saying that you have an open door policy is really just a way to make it sound like you are open to suggestions

I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a company where I felt comfortable walking into the boss to say this is wrong!  However, what if we as leaders were open to hearing things that might be wrong?

Working with horses you have to be relaxed. They can read your body language like nobody’s business and if you are tense they are going to assume that something is going to kill them.  You see horses are prey animals so literally the entire world is going to kill them! I am not joking ask anyone with a horse and they will tell  you that at some point in time a leaf was going to kill their horse! (or so the horse thought)

So when I go to work with the horses I have to tell myself to relax.  I have to take deep breaths and calm myself down.  If I don’t I am either going to end up on the ground or at the very least with a horse who really doesn’t trust me because if I am not calm then something is wrong!

So as leaders we have to do the same thing.  We have to calm ourselves down, we have to open up and listen and if we can’t then we need to be honest with our teams about that!  When someone comes to us to talk and we are in a place where we can’t honestly listen and take it in, we have to tell the person that.  We need to say, “I am not in a place to have this talk because my day has been really stressful and I want to hear what you are saying” then ask if you can reschedule.

When you do reschedule make sure you are prepared.  Take a walk, take deep breaths and be ready to hear what the person is saying. You don’t have to fix the issue, you might not be able to, but you have to listen and you have to be open!  If we are going to say we have open door policies then we need to be really be open to hear!

This doesn’t mean you have to make the changes suggested, but you do have to listen (ACTIVELY) and ask questions and get information and even go back and ask for more clarification if you aren’t sure.  If it’s something that you can control and can change and it’s good for the organization then change it!  If not then be honest with the person.  Let them know the idea was good or not and why you couldn’t implement it now.  Even asking them if they have ways to modify it to fit the organization.

You see being a leader isn’t about tell people what to do, or how to do it, it’s about listening to how others want to get it done!

Friday Funday

As a leader I am always trying to think of fun ways to connect as a team.  I have seen first hand how important this is!  I have done things like tell me about yourself based on the color of the M&M share 3 things noone knows about you and get your personality based on an animal.

Here’s the thing it doesn’t matter WHAT it is, it matters that you do it!  You see as teams we are often spread across the country or even world and that makes connecting really hard.  As leaders it is our job to connect our teams together!

AND it doesn’t require you spending hours looking for get to know you games it can be as simple as asking everyone what they are doing on the weekends!  Sharing what each person is doing or planning allows the team to connect over something over than work!

Novel concept I know!!  However teams have interesting dynamics and often times when we only focus on the work we forget that our teams are made of people!  People who have VASTLY different ideas about how stuff should work.  Connecting our teams allows us to come together on a shared common ground even if it’s a disagreed common ground.

For example one of your team members may really like James Bond while the rest don’t, this can be a fun way to share everyone’s favorite movie.  Something so simple yet is will bond you as a team!

This weekend spend time thinking and researching 1 quick way you can bring your team together and then at your next meeting just spend a few minutes talking.  You’ll be very surprised at the results!