Do what you Love

Most of us are not so lucky that we go to a job every day that we love! I would guess that even those who do their favorite job have days where it really just kind of SUCKS!  You know the days where life is getting in the way, you have a difficult client or you simply made a mistake that you have to recover from.

We all have days like this, in fact if we didn’t we’d be dead or retired (Not sure which sometimes) however the goal should be to find the stuff in your day that you Love to do!

Yesterday was just busy, I did 5 productions and each one takes about 2 hours to complete (each).  This is combined with all the normal stuff and well my day was crazy.  At 5 I was ready to either be done or cry, and I still had to get ready to go to my riding lesson. I thought about just canceling, I mean really who cares if I learn to ride (well I do but that’s another story).

I finally stood up and figured I’d go, but it was in that moment that God reminded me that I choose to Ride because it brings me JOY! Is it easy, nope, are there days I am sure I am going to die YUP! But I get to saddle up, and get on a horse. I get to focus on doing something better, and I get to enjoy being with animals who simply love life.

Yesterday I was reminded that we all need to find the joy in our lives.  And trust me some days it is way harder than others, but seek it out!  Each of us is different in the way we find joy!  But its important as leaders that we model this for our teams.  Ask your teams what do they do that they love! Could be sailing or rock climbing or running or whatever it is!  The one thing that recharges them and then encourage them to do that thing!

You see in my industry, we have people who work 24/7 I mean literally 24/7 and it becomes easy to get caught up in that constant push to get stuff done.  You don’t ever walk away you don’t ever take a breath. This isn’t good!  Don’t do this!  Lean on your team and if you don’t have one build one!  Your overall health depends on you finding your joy!!

So share what’s your joy? What’s the one thing that you could do forever?

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