Be Consistent

The 1 main rule in horse training is to be consistent.  Horses are notorious for give an inch take a mile!  If you let them get away with it once they are going to do it again and again until you teach them where the boundaries are!

Leadership is very much the same.  You must provide consistent boundaries for your teams and offer praise for the consistent items.  This doesn’t mean you praise and reward each person on your team equally however it does mean that if you hold someone accountable for being on time but let someone else be late every day your team is going to notice.

For example, if your company does not allow consistent working from home but you allow 1 employee to work from home every week simply because you like them, this is going to cause issues with your team.  If that person is working from home because they have a child who is chronically ill make sure your team knows that this is a special circumstance.

Being consistent with the rules allows everyone to know what the boundaries on and how to live within them.  If your team expresses concern over a rule it’s your job to take that to leadership and fight for your team.

Today, take a look at the rules you have with your team, are they consistent across the team?  Do you favor someone simply because you like them better?  It’s OK to have team members that you relate better with, it’s NOT OK to treat them differently.

Happy Leading!!

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